Sunday, January 3, 2010

Pantry Challenge Day Three

Who else has found themselves cleaning out their 2009 coupons and getting the urge to use any valuable coupons before they expire? The 2010 coupons were abundant this weekend too.
I combined Target/MFR coupons yesterday and bought a few things we use all the time. I couldn't pass up MorningStar for .50 a box. It looks like Target put up new coupons too. I also picked up a bottle of Olay Quench Lotion. You can print the rebate here.
The rest of the grocery store circulars went into the recycling bin. I don't need extra temptation.


Breakfast- donuts found in the snack drawer and veggie sausage. Milk
Lunch- frozen pizza from the basement freezer. Leftover chocolate cake.
Dinner- Stir Fried Tofu from the fridge mixed with a frozen dinner kit. Fresh Mango for dessert.

Plans for Monday-

Breakfast- leftover pancakes with banana slices for the kids
Lunch- we had yogurt, tomato soup, and crackers (the eldest takes her lunch so she'll have pbj, pretzels, and orange slices)
Dinner- Potato, Carrot, Onion, and Boca roasted with gravy. Apple Pie for dessert.

Hubby found a bag of frozen bread downstairs so my plans for making bread are put off for a few days. I am making ricotta now too so I'll be thinking about making a cheesy noodle dish soon. I keep finding milk at Save-A-Lot on clearance for .99 and can't seem to pass it up. Even though some of it gets thrown out before it gets used.

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Amy said...

Thanks for the link to the Target coupons. I rarely shop there but they would be more competitive with coupons, that's for sure. Most Sunday paper coupons are worthless lately... too much processed junk. It makes shopping easier, though, when I know I only have a couple worth using!