Saturday, January 2, 2010

Day 2 of Pantry Challenge and a Kitty Update

We're not exactly off to a roaring start with the pantry challenge. *** Foods from our own fridge/pantry.

Jan 1-

Breakfast- banana pancakes with peanut butter ***
Lunch- My Mom made a big salad ***
Snack- Hubby and I went to see Avatar and shared popcorn and soda $$
Dinner- $5 cheese pizza from Little Caesears with free bread sticks with our movie tickets

Jan 2-

Breakfast- drop biscuits and cheesy eggs ***
Lunch- Ramen noodle soup/leftovers ***
Dinner- at a friends house and I made chocolate cake (***)

Our cat is managing to eat a little of food here and there. We bought Hill's a/d and she seems to like it. Of course, she's vomiting up most of it. I still don't know what we're gonna do but I'm praying we can turn this around without a vet's intervention one way or another.

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