Thursday, January 21, 2010

Pantry Challenge Day 21

Seriously starting to get sick of my own food.

Breakfast- Kids had cereal, Hubby had a veggie burger, I haven't eaten yet- have upset stomach.
Lunch- Meeting Hubby for a much anticipated lunch out! Big Girl has pbj, pudding, cheese, and a fruit juice.
Dinner- Thawing boca burgers to shred, soaking the last of the tvp crumbles in water and seasoning for a meatloaf. I have some homemade bread hunks that I'll shred to go into it. Making instant mashed potatoes (because we are out of fresh) and probably heating a can of corn or frozen green beans.

I wish I could say our pantry is about empty. I'm waiting for that burst of delicious creativity that people say comes with a limited food supply. I'm craving boc choy, red cabbage, kiwi fruit, endive and other delicious fresh food items that we don't have. I have one sad apple and a handful of carrots left in the produce bin.

Gonna go fill up a bag of kids clothes and toys to drop off at the thrift store. I think next month's goal will be to focus on de-cluttering and cleaning.

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