Monday, January 18, 2010

Pantry Challenge Day 18

You guys, I am tiredy tired tired today. No school as it's MLK day.

Breakfast- The kids and I ate veggie sausage on the last of my homemade rolls.
Lunch- Took the kids to see the Chipmunks movie so we had popcorn (I earned it with my movie rewards card). Then popped thru Taco Bell and got some real food.
Dinner- I am so tired of cooking. I thought this would get easier as I got used to it. I think I'll take the easy route and make spaghetti. Cheap, easy and everyone likes it.

I didn't get to the grocery store today but Hubby made a trip to Costco without me yesterday so we're all stocked up on parmesan cheese, veggie burgers and sausage for the foreseeable future. I should never let the man go by himself. He bought boxes of light bulbs, a 50 lb. bag of bread flour, and an outfit for me as an anniversary present. Our list? Toilet paper, bread flour, and parmesan cheese. What am I going to do with 50 lbs. of bread flour? Still, I love the man.
I guess I should go throw some of that bread flour in my bread maker for garlic bread tonight.

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