Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Grocery Shopping Time & Freezer Soup Tip

We're low on milk and sandwich bread. For some reason my homemade bread doesn't last long enough for sandwich bread.

I also need a few other non grocery items that I have been putting off buying.

You guys, I have been dreading shopping. Is that weird? I used to look forward to it and now I'm afraid I'll mess up my pantry challenge.

If I were more organized I could tell how much I had saved this month on food by eating more of what we have but I am not. I don't think we are saving that much on the eating out spectrum. But maybe we are as I have turned down multiple dinners out for the sake of the pantry challenge. Hmm.
I can't even total up how much we've spent on groceries this month because the weird bulk stuff from Costco always screws up the total.

This will be my third trip to the grocery store this month. And I spent less than $20 each time I shopped. So, I'll take that as encouragement.

Two nights ago I made wonderful freezer soup. The broth was made from the saved and frozen drained off juice from canned beans, corn, and mushroom slices. I threw in one onion bouillon cube and it was great. I don't have room for a big freezer soup container (yet) so I've just been draining my vegetables into little plastic containers and labeling them for the freezer. Why waste that good flavor?

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jonceramic said...

Baby, I used your bread as sandwich bread this morning. Yum!