Friday, January 22, 2010

Birthday Party Favors.

We have two birthday parties next month so I've started thinking about gift baggies. I need to make about 30 baggies. I'm trying my best to keep things cheap and still get things that won't annoy other parents. You know- be light on the candy and keep the plastic junk toys to a minimum.

So far I just have:

After Christmas candy sticks that do not have holiday markings on the individual packages- I bought five packages for .25 cents apiece.

A small bag of jolly ranchers and a bag of bubble gum.

Mini containers of Playdoh leftover from the after Halloween clearance bag I bought a few months ago. Some of these ended up in Christmas stockings.

To supplement I just bought a few items from Oriental Trading Company with a 20% off code. (BEMINE). Mini back scratchers, some sticker puzzles, and train shaped suckers should be on there way here soon.

I'm trying to keep the cost per bag around $1- 1.50. I think three pieces of candy and one or two small toys should be sufficient.

Anymore ideas?

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