Monday, December 7, 2009

Bits of Joy

Having all of my Christmas shopping done except for buying two gifts cards for hard to please people.

Finding healthy things the kids like and will eat for dinner on sale and planning a dinner around them.

Having a free date night using points we accumulated from the local gymnastics business.

Having a coupon for the nice restaurant so we can enjoy a dinner without children.

Needing to plan a mini vacation for our anniversary before our free Southwest Flight points expire. We're thinking Austin Texas. Anyone have any suggestions for the continental US?

Having grandparents who are happy and willing to come stay with the kids for a few days while we celebrate our 13th wedding anniversary.

Being done shopping for our adopted Christmas family. I hope our single Mom of two little ones likes what we assembled.

Finally getting the urge to wash our big stinky dog who hates baths instead of spending $25 at the groomer. Have you ever had to pick up a thrashing 60 pound dog and put her in the bathtub? Not fun. All done now though.

Having all of our outside decorations put up for once. Good job Hubby.

Only finding two broken ornaments in the big ornament box this year- which Hubby was able to fix with super glue.

Finding my address book so I can send out Christmas cards soon.

Actually being in the mood to drink tea lately instead of soda pop.

Having a silly little boy who got into the Christmas bows and refuses to leave the Christmas tree alone.

What's your small bit of joy?

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