Friday, December 4, 2009

Agenda Today- Cleaning the Kitchen

The cranberry walnut bread that I made from Thanksgiving leftovers is burnt on top. We've been cutting the top off and eating the rest. It's still pretty good.
It has been a busy week full of field trips, errands, extra homework, and other things. My kitchen has suffered the brunt of it. Add that to the fact that I am not exactly organized and I have a big mess to deal with.

These tin canisters were a serendipitous find at Value Village yesterday. I can clean up my counter tops with the vintage brown and cream farm theme that I adore. The price was right too. A little soap and water and I'll be all set to put my kitchen to rights.

My current thrifting/garage sale dream find is a set of Spode pheasant dinner ware.


Happy Hermit said...

wow thats a STEAL !! - WIN -

Meredith said...

We'll have to fight over the Spode pheasant if we ever find ourselves, elbow to elbow at an estate sale full of it.

Ruthie said...


I sent my sister, who recently got her hours severely cut at work, your post on what you'd do if you had no money. It really inspired her, and me too! I'm going to go through my pantry today and see what meals I can make without hitting the store.