Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Getting Ready for a Big Sale

We haven't had a garage sale since we've had kids. I normally just give to friends or donate.
But, a bit of extra money seems like a good idea right now. Plus, I have added incentive to find stuff to get purge.

Today I worked on cleaning up our coat closet. Once again failure to record what I've bought has resulted in having too many of the same size. Big Girl has four winter coats and at least two jackets for this fall and her rain coat is too small. I also have purchased far enough ahead that I won't need to buy anything for next year either except new snow pants for her. At least I bought everything second hand and now have a trash bag full of coats and jackets to sell.

I went through my piles of make up today too and found a handful of new in the package and unused department store cosmetics that I can sell. I have had great success in the past selling "free with purchase" sample sizes of name brand cosmetics.

Getting rid of things is a high similar to buying them. The purging is better for our family and our finances.

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