Wednesday, August 26, 2009

The Mystery Can Game edition 2

I do like a bargain. And for a nickel or a dime I'll take the chance on what I'm buying. Plus, it's fun to discover the mystery lurking inside the unlabeled can.

This unlabeled five cent can called to me from the clearance cart.

I needed a side dish for our spaghetti dinner. Hmm, what's in the can?
Mmm, applesauce. We had a side dish and enough for a lunch box portion for Big Girl. Five cents well spent.


Heather said...

Love this! I wish we had a store with those kinds of cans. I just talked to a produce employee at our large chain. They throw out EVERYTHING that is bruised or older or unlabeled. Seems so wasteful to me, especially when there are lots of hungry people out threre. Or people who would pay a lesser price for these things. Seriously, they do not even sell browner bananas for a discount...just toss them!

Great find!

N. said...

That actually would be so much fun! It might even be worth it to buy some extra cans of fruits and veggies, take the labels off, put them in a bag and do a "grab bag" at lunch or dinner. The little kids would LOVE that!!

Anonymous said...

That's hysterical--I love surprises like that.

A true "cheap thrill!"