Friday, July 24, 2009

Yesterdays Grocery Receipt Tally

My fridge was looking strangely bare after trying to clean it out. It's not anymore.

Sappington Farmer's Market (make sure to print the online coupon for $10 off Thursday)

Fig Bars- 1.00
Home Pride Wheat- 1.99
Farmer's sliced white cheese- 2.70
Trix Yogurt cups- 3.29 (had coupon)
DanActive yogurt- 2.99 (had coupon)
Coffeemate liquid creamer- 2.59 (had coupon)
Dozen local eggs x 2- 2.00
Gallon of skim milk- 2.25
Always Save Quesadilla pizza- .79
Boca Grilled Veggie patties- 3.79
Reeses Puffs cereal x 2- 5.00 (had coupons)
Always Save Ginger Snaps- 1.19
Best Choice Light Microwave popcorn- 1.69
XL Hershey's Bar- 1.59 (b-day gift for Mom)
Ronnoco Coffee Beans .58 pounds- 5.21 (b-day gift for Mom)
Lavender Hand Soap- 1.00
Funny teeth- 1.00 (that's what happens when you shop with a 3 year old)
Homegrown local tomatoes ($1 a pound)- 1.11
Package of garlic bulbs- 1.20
2 pound Bag of green grapes- 3.03
Small head of Boston lettuce- .60
2 yellow onions- 1.03
Package of local plums- 3.88

Original total- 53.86 After store coupon and MFR coupons- 41.01

Wonder Hostess Bread Thrift

2 loaves of wheat bread- 1.58
1 box of Ding Dongs- 1.59
3 cans of Vess pop- 1.17
2 large clearance bags of seasoned stuffing- 1.00

I 44 Surplus Discount Groceries in Rolla

Bottle of 100% Juice- 1.00
2 big boxes of raisins- 1.00
Dunkin' Donuts coffee- 4.75
4 boxes of Morning Star mini corn dogs- 7.96
Pepsodent Toothpaste- .79
Minute Maid OJ juice boxes- 2.25
11 assorted granola bars and power bars- 1.35
4 boxes of Stash White Christmas tea- 7.00 (to save for neighbor gift baskets)
Reallime lime juice- 1.25
Big can of Bush's vegetarian baked beans- 1.19
Theraflu caplets- 1.25
Children's Advil- 1.50
Tylenol Go Tabs- .20
2 bags of Nestle Butterscotch chips- 1.98

Total 33.29

Total Spending for Yesterday- 79.83

I also brought home a bag of school supplies that my Mom bought from Staples and a bag of garden produce from her garden. I feel like I made the most of our money and time yesterday.

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