Saturday, July 18, 2009

What is wrong with me and this Twilight Series obsession?

I have hours this afternoon to myself.

I could go see the new Harry Potter movie and spend money on myself. But, I really just feel like folding and putting away clean laundry then curling up in my bed and reading New Moon for the eighth time. New Moon is my favorite book in the series. I love the relationship between Bella and Jacob.
My cats Chloe and Fusty, a fresh load of whites, my favorite blanket, and a good book. All I need is a Diet Coke and I'm all set.


Gray Eyed Scorpio said...

Go Team Jacob!

Georgi said...

I have read all of the Twilight books so many times I can quote from them, so I know how you feel. If you do go to the HP movie you might get to see one of the new trailers from New Moon, with JACOB, and he is very yummy looking. lol

Jenny's Vegcafe said...

I really like Edward, but his relationship with Bella is over the top dramatic. Jacob's relationship with Bella just seems so much easier.

Yes, Taylor Lautner is very attractive but I feel really weird thinking of him that way. If I would have started my family really early then he is old enough to be my son.