Monday, July 27, 2009

Target Toy Clearance Again- Stock up on toys

I took the kids through Target today to check out their toy clearance. Right now in my store it looks like select toys are 50% off.
We walked every aisle to make sure that there was indeed a toy clearance going on. The pickings are getting slimmer and all clearance Thomas die casts were already gone. It was really hard to leave the last GeoTrax train set there but I've promised myself to let Hubby have the big present shopping this year which will probably be put off until the week of Christmas because that's how he rolls.

I did get some Tonka truck sets for 2.98 to put back for Christmas and birthdays. Big Girl has another birthday party to attend this weekend so I let her pick out two presents to take. She picked out a Hello Kitty puzzle (3.99) and a Beach Ken doll (5.44) for less than $10 combined (neither on sale).
Lately I have flat out refused to spend more than ten dollars on a kid's birthday party present. With my stockpile of wrappings and cards we stick to this pretty well.

I did buy some clearance summer clothes for both kids. The 75% off rack produced a t-shirt and shorts for Little Guy's storage drawer at .75 cents each. I scored some pretty Big girl summer tops for next year for 1.75 each.

Now we're going to settle in and enjoy our one week this summer that isn't crazy with activity. It's also the last week of the library reading challenge and we've got a lot of books to read.

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