Monday, July 27, 2009

My Happy Day

We had nowhere to go today except gymnastics class which got us out of the house early. ; )
Stopped at Target and bought some gifts.
Got a free latte sample at McD's.
Tidied up kids rooms
Inventoried more clothing that needed to be put away
Did lots of laundry
Listened to my kids and neighbor play nicely while I made a batch of homemade detergent and found a pretty tin to put it in and finally used my new label maker to label it
Made blt's for dinner with veggie bacon and a homegrown tomato
Composted egg shells and banana peels
Made banana bread and boiled eggs for breakfast
Cleaned up the dishes
Clipped the coupons from my All You magazine
Watered my cherry tomato and surveyed my garden that is slowly straggling along.
Fed my dog treats
Snuggled my babies
Blogged for you while my Hubby reads library books outside to our kids.

Looking forward to going to be early on clean sheets too.

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