Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Getting Ready for Christmas in July.

I'm listening to this FrugalCoast2Coast Podcast while doing kitchen jobs. I try to shop for Christmas presents all year but this year I'm trying to save shopping for the kid's big present as a gift to my husband. He always feels left out when I'm done shopping by Thanksgiving.
But, now is the time to scan the toy aisles for those sale toys if you want to get a head start.
Coupon Cravings has a link to a printable K-Mart toy coupon that would be great right now.

My Dollar General still had wrapping paper 50% off in the clearance aisle. As for stocking stuffers I've been saving extra McDonalds toys and cereal box prizes so all I have to get is candy.

Anybody have any other ideas on how to get a frugal headstart on Christmas.

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