Friday, June 5, 2009

A wormy situation.

I took my girl, Abby, to the vet today and the vet found heart worms.
When I decided to adopt her I knew that all the dog food coupons in the world wouldn't make dog ownership completely frugal. It's one thing I'm willing to spend money on because she is fully a part of our family now.

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Amy said...

I adopted a HW+ dog several years ago. Fortunately I knew it before adopting and agreed to deal with it anyway. The hard part is keeping them still after the shots for weeks on end so they don't throw a 'clot' and die! I was lucky to have a shy, lazy dog in that regard.

Casper came through it great and is very healthy many years later. The only issue I ever had was difficulty getting pet insurance! I decided not to bother with it and just keep enough in savings for that kind of stuff.