Saturday, June 13, 2009

Been on "Becation"

Ahh, sweet summer time. Time for vacations and family.

Not really anything especially frugal about it but we did have good family fun.
And no tv for almost a whole week. Yay!

Big Girl and I went to a few garage sales this morning. We found a nice basket to pack a wedding gift of kitchen towels and sale/coupon purchased spices. She also got a hand sewn princess gown for next Halloween. Other than that, not many deals and that is -ok- with me. Especially after I spent time working in the kids room sorting and putting away clothes. We've got a big tub full of old clothes for a start on a garage sale pile.

Big Girl has a birthday party to attend later so we went to the basement and found a $2 garage sale purchased paint set (with $14.99 price tag still attached- I removed it) in my gift tub. I wrapped it in Dollar Store paper and a recycled bow. We still have to make the card. My current goal is to spend no more than $7 on a friend's gift without being chintzy.

We're getting back in the groove working on chores around the house.
Right now, Hubby is steam cleaning the toy room and I'm making whole grain blueberry pancakes. Aldi had good blueberries yesterday so I bought two containers and spent $50 on this week's groceries. I did miss my own cooking even though the Lodge's buffet food was fairly decent.

Back to my pancakes.

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