Friday, June 26, 2009

Baking day

I had black bananas, excess blueberries, a full potato bin, and nowhere to go with a sick girl.

Banana walnut bread is baking in the oven next to malt-0-meal blueberry muffins. I'm making white french bread in my bread machine to go along with our potato soup for dinner. I'll throw in a container of freezer soup goodies and some rehydrated tvp for protein.

I'm loving using up foods before they go to waste. The bonus is that I'm making space in my pantry and refrigerator for that big shopping trip to Costco next week.

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Alex said...

I totally hear you on loving to use up about to expire food. I spent one afternoon just chopping up all of the excess celery from our graduation party before it went bad. It feels so good to frugally save otherwise wasted food!