Saturday, May 9, 2009

Garage Sale Deals This Morning.

I chose garage sale shopping time over any store bought thing for Mother's Day this year. Big Girl and I headed out with whatever bills I could scrape from mine and Hubby's wallets. I ended up with about 9 dollars.

Here's what we got:

One complete Disney's Magic Kingdom set- very neat for $1
Stride Rite sandals for Big Girl- .50 cents
Long sleeved thermal t for Little Guy this winter- $1
Shorts for Little Guy- $1
Polly Flinders sweater for Big Girl- $1
Snowman ornament- .25 cents
Stuffed Simba cub animal- .50 cents ( we so did not need another stuffed animal-this is where shopping alone is a good idea)
Pink Gap summer dress for Big Girl- .25 cents
Long Sleeved shirt for Big Girl- .25 cents
Velour sweat pant sets for Big Girl- .50 cents
Pink Kobe Kids sweater for Big Girl- .25 cents
Two figurines for Little Guy- .25 cents
One free monster truck from free box complete with a full set of teeth in the tires
Lemonade from kid run stand- .50 cents
Alarm clock for Big Girl- $1

I still have about a dollar left. I've definitely done better but Big Girl and I got in some quality time together learning about the value of a dollar. And I won't be scrambling as much come fall to assemble back to school clothes. I'm doing my back to school shopping now one quarter at a time. Of course, she's growing so fast I only hope what I'm buying now will fit next winter. If not I'll pack it up and take it to the kid's consignment store and see if I can recoup something.d

As someone who normally purchases our clothes at thrift stores it seems amazing to me how quickly those $2 and $3 items can seem really pricey. Garage saling can be a lot of work but if you need to stretch your dollars on kids clothes and toys I don't think they can be beat.

What I didn't buy- any more paperbacks. My shelves are aching.
Decorator items- I need no more stuff until I use what I have
Garden plants or items- tempting but I need to take care of what I own first
Adult clothing- we don't need anything
Dishes, cookware etc.- don't need it.
Power tools- Not my department
Furniture- although we are thinking of getting a desk for Big Girl's room since she'll be doing homework soon- I'm just not ready for one yet and we have to re-arrange. When we are ready I feel confident that the right one will come along for the right price. Until then she'll have to make do at the kitchen table.


The Queen of Fifty Cents said...

Wow, you really stretched your funds! And showing your daughter how much fun it is to be frugal is such a great idea.

Lenox Knits said...

Sounds like a nice day of shopping. I know what you mean about thrifting vs. garage saleing. I've done both in one day and you have to readjust your thinking from one to the next. $3 may be expensive at a garage sale but reasonable at a thrift store and a downright steal anywhere else in the world.