Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Couponing with a plan

I am weeks behind in clipping and sorting my coupons. I also have several high dollar and free coupons for things we need. This is also a week where one of my local groceries stores is doing "Coupon Thursday" where they deduct ten dollars off any purchase over fifty.

A lot of my free time has been spent outside in my yard planting veggies and flowers and weeding a love vine here and there. Big Girl found a little black toad and we had hours of entertainment with him. She named him Harold the Wild and bravely set him free again after her Daddy got a chance to meet him. I even mowed (poorly according to Hubby) the front lawn last week. My house is showing signs of neglect as my veggie patch is starting to blossom.
Today it's rainy outside and I've got nowhere to be so Little Guy and I are happy to be at home doing simple chores like putting away the mountain of clean laundry and planning a trip to the grocery store tomorrow.

I no longer have the great drive to find every bargain but if I plan accordingly today then I can get in and out of a store with things we're running low on for less money. That pleases me more than bargain hunting for the sake of bargain hunting.

**Squirrels in my lettuce container! I doubt I'll have enough for one small salad. GRRRR**

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