Monday, March 2, 2009

No News.

All is still the same here. Thanks for any well wishes and prayers. They are much appreciated. While I am pretty sure that Hubby is not in any life threatening danger, having him be this sick is scary. We are definitely a matched pair and don't do well on our own.

The good news is that my Mom came and managed to sweep the toys in a pile and vacuum around them.

And I lit a oatmeal raisin cookie so it's almost like I'm sitting in a clean fresh smelling house. As I type this I am listening to the my kids and the neighbor girl jump on Big Girl's bed. So much for any cleaning I may have done in there earlier.

I think I'll be more motivated once I know I can bring Hubby home.

Banana pancakes for dinner tonight. I'll sprinkle in some wheat germ. Our diet of late has been pretty sad. At least the kids are more than happy to snack on fruit, drink oj, and eat peanuts.

Having a nice boring frugal day sounds great right now.
Instead I'm torn between wanting to spend the day at the hospital holding Hubby's hand and being the best SAHM I can be while he's ill. Instead I'm feeling guilty that I'm doing nothing well.

One step at a time.


Anonymous said...

my husband and i are the same way!BEST WISHES TO YOU BOTH

Heather said...

I'm so sorry your husband is still sick. Don't worry about the housework - just do what you need to do to get through this. I'm still praying for you!