Sunday, February 1, 2009

I'm back where I belong...

I love to travel. But, the best part of leaving home is getting to come home again. Our trip began in San Francisco where we stayed in a hotel near the wharf.

I got to visit with some old friends and see some redwoods. Then we went to the conference for Hubby's work at the Asilomar Conference Grounds. This was the view from our room.

On our way back to San Fransisco, we stopped by the beach and checked out some tide pools. The night before we left we took a night tour of Alcatraz.
Alcatraz is creepy at night. Here I'm in the door way of one of the solitary confinement cells. Once the door is closed, you are in complete darkness.
And this is what we returned home to. All of my old barbies were washed and drying on the carpet outside of Big Girl's room.

It's good to be home.


Heather said...

Welcome back Jenny!

Great pictures! My husband took a tour of Alcatraz, and we have a picture of him sitting on a toilet in one of the cells. I don't know why.

Men. They think differently than we do. I would never in a million years want to sit on a toilet in a prison and have my picture taken, but whatever.

jonceramic said...

Dagnabit! I forgot to sit on the toilet!

Rhonda in OK said...

Welcome back from me too.

Sounds like you had a wonderful trip! SF is such a special place.

Hubby and I won a trip to SF in 1982. We took our DS who was 1 and I was 8 months pregnant with DS#2.
We did not go on Alcatraz but took the boat trip around it. It does look creepy!

Hope and hubby came back with as many happy memories as we did.