Wednesday, February 11, 2009

I stimulated the economy a little today.

Yesterday I bemoaned that we only have four cloth diaper covers that fit the boy. And they are -not- leak proof.
This morning I remembered that I had a $5 gift card to K-Mart from some past promotion. So, I went to the Gerber web page and printed off a coupon for more diaper covers. One two pack was 7.49. Ouch! We just got one package.
While there I noticed the racks of clearance clothing and Little Guy found a Handy Manny pant set. It was $4.99.
And then I remembered that my friends son turns 3 next week and I hadn't bought him anything yet. I spent $15 on Thomas trains.

I might take back the pants set.

I'm torn. Right now Hubby still has his job firmly in place but so many are losing their jobs left and right. And our bank account has taken a large hit with the new car purchase. But, I feel guilty for both spending and not spending in this economy when we can technically "afford" it.
I realize that spending $20 at K-Mart is not going to keep the economy moving forward or even save that one store. So, why do I feel guilty?

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