Friday, January 23, 2009

Plans? What plans?

I was going to have two and a half blessed hours to myself today while both kids were at school. My plan was to turn on the Fiddler on the Roof soundtrack and get busy scrubbing the kitchen down.

Big Girl spent the night in our bed throwing up and moaning. Little Guy had bad dreams and a runny nose and cough. Even the dog is coughing. No one got enough sleep.

This morning I made an emergency run to the store for ginger ale. Both kids schools were called and there will be no special Spaghetti dinner at school tonight.
They are both sitting next to me sipping icy ginger ale.

Things could be worse. They could have diarrhea too.

Counting my blessings and ignoring the dog hair and the baggies waiting to be washed.

If you need some better blog reading, Gayle over at The Grocery Cart Challenge is hosting a Friday recipe swap. The only recipe I'll be making today is canned soup and maybe cream cheese dip and potato chips (I'm such a stress eater). Want to know how to make cream cheese dip? Take a chip and dip it into cream cheese. This is especially good with garlic flavored pita chips and a strawberry wine cooler. We're all about elegance and gourmet eating here today.


Lenox Knits said...

Sorry the kiddos aren't feeling well. I hope everyone is feeling better before the big trip. Give Mel and the kids a hug for me!

Heather said...

Oh no! Right before your trip!
I hope they feel better soon. Hopefully it's just one of those 24-hour things.