Thursday, January 22, 2009

Need Fresh Ideas on Frugality?

Like most people who aren't new to frugality you've read the same tips over and over again-
Hang dry your clothes
Pack your lunch
Order water instead of soda when dining out
Don't dine out

Donna Freedman hosts a message blog dedicated to frugality. The latest topic is reader's sharing their frugality tips. I personally like the Mom who gives her young teen daughter a month's allowance worth of school lunches and she can spend it how she chooses instead of always bugging Mom for more money (if she packs a lunch from home that money is hers to spend on whatever she wants). Also, one reader only buys her kids two pairs of shoes each summer- one to wear for everyday play and one for outings. That's a lesson I can definitely use after cleaning, donating and sorting our kid's shoes. Immelda called and wants her shoes back.

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