Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Not so Great.

Internets, I have had better days.

Walgreens is disappointing me with their sneaky register rewards rules. The first time I used them I found out I couldn't use a register reward to buy something that gives register rewards. And you aren't allowed to use MFR coupons with a register reward. Today I had to buy last minute cough drops and a chapstick at the register to even use my $6 in register rewards. Turns out you can't put Register Rewards together either. I think I'll skip Register Rewards from now on and stick soley to combining coupons and getting freebates.

So, Walgreens:
2 packs of shredded cheese
1/2 gallon of milk
1 chap aid
2 bags of cough drops
=approximately $3

Grape Tomatoes
Bag of onions
Bag of apples
Can of Veg. Soup
2 Cans of mushrooms
Big container of Vanilla yogurt
2 small containers of yogurt
Bottle of iced coffee (for me)
Pancake Mix
Sliced cheese
Bag of bananas
Pringles (for hubby)
Creme Wafer Rolls
Gallon of milk


$1.77 over budget for food/household. Not bad.

This week is weird though because we have in-laws coming in a few days and I have to get ready.
I bought more food than I normally would and I spent $7 on a car wash which I am not taking out of my total because I'm not sure where that fits.

I'm also thinking I might sweet talk Hubby into bringing home some Chinese for dinner because I'm having one of those bad days. I have brown rice in the cooker to stretch our meal too.


Latte said...

Hey I started a blog called The Organic Frugal Freak. I added you to my friends because you look like a frugal freak just like me, lol!

Well stay frugal,

Rhonda in OK said...

I don't think your Walgreens is following the Real Walgreens Rules.

I can use RR and get RR but not for the same deal. Like if you got a RR from PG, then if you spend it doing the same PG deal, you won't get a second PG RR.
Your can use a PG RR to get a Snapple RR.

Their registers read RR like a coupon so you have to as many (or More) items as you have RR and coupons combined.
Like say you want to buy a $10 Tide and you have 1 tide coupon and 1 RR. Even if they total way less than the $10 Tide, you can't use them both.

I've been shopping at Walgreens weekly in 2009 and have got some good deals, but it is a lot of work and sooooooo complicate.