Tuesday, January 20, 2009

A deep sigh.

I'm facing my to-do list with joy right now. The boy is asleep. He went down without a fuss. Big Girl has been read to from the stack of things I need to return to the library. She's happily playing with her new Polly Pocket stage that she talked Grandma into buying her at the thrift store yesterday ($1).
I've got my laundry sorted for the day and I'm planning on hanging it to dry. I know what I'm making for dinner.
Although the election didn't turn out exactly as I hoped it would- it's been exciting to watch the new today and see our proud new President take his place. My hopes are high that he can live up to everyone's expectations and bring us through these tough times.

Now I'm going to take my Pepsi Max (this stuff is addicting) and my baskets of laundry and watch some Dr. Phil. I haven't seen Phil for months.

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