Monday, January 12, 2009

It's cheaper just to sit here in my pajamas.

Hubby and Big Girl just left for the day and Little Guy is snuggled next to me watching a Rugrats video (the new favorite from the Goodwill).

I have a few things calling my name at Walgreens. Cheap Kleenex and Pepsi with Register Rewards that I can use for the Frito Lay rebate namely. Do I even want to bother with that?

And K-Mart is doubling up to $2 today so I need to decide if I want to do that too. I'm considering food items, Huggies nighttime diapers, and dog snacks. We do go through a lot of dog bones.

I sent Hubby to Save A Lot for milk and other things last night. I'll still need to go get some fresh fruit later in the week. My kids love bananas and I can't argue with a healthy snack that is less than $1 a pound.
On a frugal note: I snookered my Mom into cutting Little Guy's hair so I could save $12 on his haircut. His hair looks better than the barber's job and I got to listen to him making funny raspberry noises when he took a wad of his hair and put it in his mouth. What he was thinking I don't know but it gave Mom and I a good chuckle. And now I think he knows- hair is not food.


Amy said...

Have you heard about changes in the law that will mean used kids' clothes and toys will pretty much no longer be available for sale?

Amy said...

Sorry, looks like they clarified on Jan 8 that resellers could be exempt from some of the law:

Crazy stuff!

Anonymous said...

I completely understand where you are coming from on this paticular day. It is wonderful get all the steals and deals out there. But like this week, we just don't have the money. And if you don't have the money ... it really isn't on sale. I know this will "kill" us later when we have to pay full price, but what can you do?