Monday, January 12, 2009

$34.06 left in budget until Sunday and Thoughts on Furniture shopping.

Little Guy and I went shopping today.

5 packs of Diet Pepsi (5 for 15 and get $5 in Register Rewards and I had one $1 coupon)
Kleenex with lotion (.89 cent WAGs coupon plus .50 cent MFR coupon)
Aquafresh ($2 WAGS coupon plus one $1 printable coupon made it free)

$17.74 before I used up two Walgreens gift cards from Freebates. My total OOP was $6.64 plus I received $5 in RR's that I'll use next week for milk or something.


Turns out they weren't doubling any coupons today so I probably saved more money in the long run.
Febreeze Noticeables on Christmas Clearance ($3.99 minus $1 MFR coupon)
Kotex pads (1.29 but I had a coupon for free Cottonelle wipes (2.99) with Kotex purchase so I bought the cheapest pads I could for a donation box.)
Cottenelle travel wipes box- free after coupon
Two pack of pretty tapers on Christmas clearance- .74 cents
3 packages of Christmas clearance cloth napkins- $1.24 for each 2 pack.

Total after coupons was $9.30

The Febreeze Noticeables, tapers, and two packs of the cloth napkins will go into the gift tote for next Christmas. I need to make a list of the items in my tote so I don't over purchase for anyone like I normally do.

Now I think I've got bargain shopping out of my system. But, there's other potential spending opportunites on the horizon. Hubby and I have been discussing getting a real bedroom set for a few years. We don't have a headboard, one dresser was $20 off of Ebay, one was a garage sale find given to us by my parents, and our bedside tables are plant stands with drawers that I bought on sale from Now, having mismatched bedroom furniture doesn't keep me up at night but in some ways I would like to have nice things in our bedroom. We just haven't been able to find nice stuff that we both like second hand. Having said that- I know that new bedroom furniture is a want and not a need and in the end we will probably decide that we'd rather save our money but we're still going to look just in case.
We did this with our couch purchases too. We looked for the better part of the year for couches when our two garage sale sofas started to sag and fray from constant abuse and I just couldn't stomach readjusting our couch cover anymore. We sat on endless couches and decried the limited amount of firm pillowless couches without florals or plaids. We quizzed poor salesmen about their goods until I'm sure they were glad to see us leave. We finally settled on two plain reclining couches for $1500 with delivery. Yes, that's a lot of money but we sit on these couches every day. And never once have I regretted purchasing them.

That's what we're looking at when we talk about going bedroom set shopping- months of sales person interrogations, searching online for second hand options like Craigslist, and finally deciding on what we love and going with it. I'm thinking we might just end up getting a headboard and living with our dressers and bedside tables. Truth be told, I really like our bedside tables and the fact that I got them both for $40 is even better.

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Amy said...

It seems like you get items for charity a lot. Do you keep those receipts to claim on your taxes at the end of the year? Could be good savings there, too.