Sunday, December 21, 2008

Somethings Brewing at Frugal Vegcafe and it ain't coffee

After much debate and gnashing of teeth Hubby and I have concluded that we (ok, I)need to stop buying "crap." Pantry challenges and Walgreens/Goodwill withdrawals are in our immediate future.

Next year will be a time of change for us here as we enjoy what we've already accumulated and pass on what isn't necessary.

I'll post more later as plans firm up.

Right now I'm getting ready to shower and hoping for a white Christmas.

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Anonymous said...

We have a couple of stores around here that used to consume inordinate amounts of time and dollars--bigger than dollar stores but full of stuff you only think you need. When I was digging myself out of debt, I was "scared straight" when I realized how much of that $1-$5 junk I must have been still paying for and what it really cost when I factored in interest and also, when I realized how much of that stuff I sold at a yard sale!

The jury is still out on the stockpile thing...I limit myself to just a few of anything (like two toothpastes, not 15, no matter how free they seem). When I stay away from these stores, we're all happier and richer!

Good luck beating the discount dilemma!