Friday, December 19, 2008

Maybe just one more

Every year I do this. I get everything bought and wrapped for the kids and then I decide that I need one more thing. Just a little something to add to the pile.
But the truth is that what I have already is more than enough and I certainly don't want to start a tradition where the kids are burnt out by the fourth gift and there's still a giant pile to unwrap.

So, why can't I pass up the cute Little Ponies in the 50 cent bin at Goodwill? Why did I pick up the still shrink wrapped video tape that I know the kids will love? At least I have a head start on Easter baskets and birthdays.

Even buying second hand can get out of hand.

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Tread Softly said...

I'm having the "just one more" issue at the grocery store. Sure, we still have a large bottle of molasses left over from last year, but buying two more on sale can't hurt...and non-gmo corn starch, Christmas teas and coffee, Texas sweet potatoes, half-price nuts...It's so hard to resist a good deal.