Monday, November 17, 2008

Traditions and Turkeys.

I've already started shopping for my small family's vegetarian Thanksgiving Feast. It's the same menu as last year. There's a Tofurky tucked in the freezer from last years after Thanksgiving clearance. Tomorrow I'll be going to Aldi to get some .99 cent bagged cranberries for making fresh sauce. There are a few whole pumpkins on the porch from Halloween to cook. And I have a few cans of slightly dented and unlabeled pumpkin cans from the salvage grocery in the pantry.
I've yet to find a Thanksgiving printable for this year's Thankful tree. I may end up making my own for Big Girl.

I love Thanksgiving because I get to spend the day with my family. I love the food. There's no pressure for us to give gifts or run to and fro. For us, it's just a nice relaxing holiday.
And we get a four day weekend so we do have time to visit relatives -if we want to-.

One thing we've started doing is putting the Christmas tree up on Thanksgiving night. This year I may start a tradition of making these cinnamon cookies and maybe serving them with egg nog or cocoa.

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Bailee said...

It will be a nice menu for Thanksgiving with all my favorite dishes.