Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Almost as good as leaving empty handed?

We visited Grandma yesterday so I had some free time to go shopping alone. At Big Lots. Big Lots has always been a big weakness for me and my wallet. Oh, those close out prices and weird lots of stuff.
I want you to know that I walked almost every aisle yesterday, pushing a cart that was empty except for my purse. I left spending $1.01 in cash for a box of plain envelopes. My stock pile from Grandma's house has been decimated by rebates.

It felt weird and good to buy only something I needed even though I tried (I really did) to find all the bargains.

Similarly, I also went to the salvage grocery where I usually spend $50 and up. I walked every aisle in that store too and only spent $20 on things for my basement pantry stock. (Who can resist 75 cent bottles of Juicy Juice?)


Heather said...

I have trouble leaving the salvage store without spending large amounts of money. They just have such amazing deals!

Hmm....shopping alone. What's that like?

Jenny's Vegcafe said...

Actually, the Salvage store in my Mom's town has hit or miss deals. They typically price their merchandise
about ten percent cheaper than the grocery store and that's for dented or damaged merchandise.

Shopping alone is definitely a rare treat. I always feel like I'm missing an arm or leg.