Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Wordless Wednesday: Fall Ornaments for Boo Bags

The kids and I whipped up some cinnamon ornaments for Boo Bags.

My dough was too wet and I forgot to put them on waxed paper. Oops.
I am now officially out of nutmeg and low on cinnamon. When I priced them in the regular grocery store the prices made my jaw drop. Three dollars and up for a tiny container of McCormick spice. No thank you! I'll do without until I see another Walgreens 2/99 cents coupon.


Anonymous said...

Saw your comment about prices for McCormick spices. Biased-- I work for McCormick. These products come from the far reaches of the world. Most containers deliver a very high number of portions per bottle so price per use is very small. And that price per use is actually one of the smallest price components of any dish or baked goods---and it's the central force to the meal or baked goods flavor. Sacrifice great flavor for a few pennies? When people get up from a Thanksgiving meal you don't ofetn hear a family member say "The meal didn't have much flavor -- but at least it was cheap!"

Jenny's Vegcafe said...

Point taken. But, I've never had any complaints about my cooking either and most of my spices are sale purchased or generic.

jonceramic said...

This would be so much funnier if I edited the header of this to say "poo bags".