Sunday, October 19, 2008

What's for breakfast: Applesauce Bread.

I've got a pan of applesauce bread in the oven right now. The kids are growing tired of my homemade applesauce. Maybe we'll all like this bread?

I used the tablespoon of soy/water combo instead of the egg. Next time I think I'll do half white/wheat flour to make it healthier. I used margarine instead of butter so I made it vegan and more pantry friendly.

***this bread was really good. like spice cake. let it sit for a few hours and the taste gets even better.***

*This week Dierbergs had a 15 hour sale going on and I stopped by to cherry pick. Land 'o Lakes margarine was on sale for .65 cents a box. I bought two. When I got home I noticed that they had coupons for .40 cents off two boxes. I clipped those coupons and went back to Dierbergs. Dierbergs doubles coupons up to .40 cents. I bought four more boxes for .25 cents apiece and now I have six packs of margarine in my refrigerator.*

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