Sunday, October 26, 2008

K-Mart Double Coupons

No major thrills today. Prices have gone up so much it's hard to get a great bargain.
Here's the highlights:
4 oz. tubes of Colgate for .29 cents after coupon.
Another free J&J Buddies Soap.
Dog treats for .50 a bag
Snickers mini bars for .50 a bag.
Boxes of Celestial Seasonings tea for .50 a box.
Cascade Complete 20 pack for $1.79
Free Tic Tacs
Free Tic Tac Chillz
Hunts Pudding Packs for .25 a box.
Pack of 10 Bic shavers for .99
Theraflu medicine for 3.99 after coupon but will get $5.99 after rebate.

Total before coupons was $98.91.
After coupons it was $50.13

After trying to put away all of our new personal care products away, I realized it was time to donate again. Our bathroom cabinets are bursting. Next week, there's a pick up for donated goods and I've started filling a bag. I found 8 bars of buddies soap in the kids bathroom.

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