Friday, June 20, 2008

Too Realistic for Reality Tv

I have no shame in admitting that I do enjoy a few reality tv shows like Survivor and Bachelorette. With hubby gone a few nights this week, I killed a few hours after I put the kids down by watching tv. Sure I could have read or cleaned or done something productive but anyone who watches kids all day knows that your brain is jelly by 9 pm when you're flying solo.

Anyway, Farmer Wants a Wife was on tv Wednesday night. It's been on for a few weeks so I've already missed quite a bit of it. I find I get really into discovering who (if anyone) is compatible when it's a love match show. I am always wanting/watching for two things to happen:
1. One of the potential matches that is lined up for the person searching for their number one( girl or guy) discovers that they just aren't that interested in the person who's searching and says goodbye. No matter that they may 'lose' the challenge. It seems like the 'contestants' seem to forget that they are looking for their life mate too and not just trying to 'win' the guy. Because- even if you 'win' and are stuck with someone you don't really like.. what did you win?

2. The couple trying each other on have a detailed and realistic conversation about their expectations from their potential future spouse. Would they send their kids to daycare? What makes them angry and how do they handle that? How much debt do they each have and how they handle money? You know- things that matter. Things that, if you aren't on the same page, can ruin your relationship.

My expectations are very high for prime time fluff but I'd like to actually see a romantic reality tv show that actually helped develop healthy, loving relationships that last. Nevermind Trista and Ryan who are an exception, albeit fairly fluffy, to the rules.

Oh well. None of that happened but I did enjoy the luscious farm stead scenery of rural Missouri. I am a country girl at heart. Plus, the farmer is an alumnus of my alma mater.

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