Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Matzo Express- Preschool style

photo taken from Amazon.com.
Now that we're back to our normally scheduled programming- I'm reminded of a previous annoyance/glitch in my cooking routine. Lunch. I have to make lunch for the kids even though I'd happily munch on whatever was handy-- a handful of pretzels, someones half eaten cheesestick, an apple, etc.

I bought a big box of matzo crackers at the grocery this morning. Tomorrow we're having matzo pizza.The next day I might broil matzo pbj's topped with banana slices. Maybe we'll have quesadillas with chopped tomatoes after that. I've even found a recipe for spanikopita that could take our matzos into dinner time.

Even if we don't love them at least it's something different than cheese sandwiches and mac 'n' cheese.

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