Thursday, June 26, 2008

$3 to clean my bathroom.

Most people have a room or two in their house where the door always gets closed when company comes over. It's the room where homeless things get shoved, misfit furniture roosts and missing socks and toys go to die. My bedroom and bathroom are those two rooms. Up until a few months ago we still had unpacked moving boxes in there and we've lived here for two years.

Yesterday I was at a garage sale and saw a pretty wooden shelving unit that was just thin enough to fit in the weird space between my vanity and bathtub. It was marked five but I asked to have it for three. It was with glee that I hefted it and arranged it in my car.
As soon as I got it home I cleaned it off and swept the bathroom floor and started putting odds and ends on the shelf. It looked nice. So, I sorted through some more stuff and before long my bathroom isn't quite as embarrassing. It still needs a deep clean and a declutter but much better. And then I started working in our bedroom- putting away laundry (the big peoples laundry may sit in the baskets ready to put away for a week), picking up trash and recycling. It was starting to look better too. Before bed, I was feeling pretty good about that so I worked on fixing myself. I scrubbed my make up off, put on some face cream (an olay sample), some hand lotion, and brushed and flossed my teeth.
So far that three dollars has been worth every penny. My bedroom/bathroom still needs work but we're getting there.

I'll post a picture of it later when I've gotten farther along.

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