Monday, May 26, 2008

One way to cure the shopping bug

My family spent part of last night and this morning cleaning the house (that I've neglected for too long) for a playdate. (Can you say chaos?) It always amazes me how quickly you can fill a trash can while cleaning. Before cleaning I didn't think we had that much to throw away/recycle.
For awhile I've been itching to go to Dollar Tree for fun. That urge has been slightly abated by spending my time cleaning, rearranging, tossing, and dealing with clutter.
The local charity clothing drive called and this time I picked up the phone eager to part with at least a bag of stuff if not more. I culled over half of my magazines to donate to the library sale pile. I'm ready to list my collected ebay goods, send those wayward packages to friends, and freecycle the culled toys.
Now the house is presentable but I am looking at the piles and wondering how much I can toss.
Dollar Tree? Not today.

You'll be hearing more from me this week as I try to 27 fling boogie my way to a cleaner house.
cleaning out the toy box

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Danette said...

Cleaning and donating is extremely liberating. I am having a garage sale this coming Friday. What does not sell goes to Goodwill.

I'm feeling free already.