Friday, April 11, 2008

One big decision made - one big $chunk$ taken.

After a long few days of searching and researching and test driving everything from ten year old 'nice' beaters to a brand new Yaris (nice, basic and very fuel efficient) we have a car.

Hubby is now the proud owner of a 2003 cherry red four door Toyota Echo. He did the Kelly Blue Book research and the Consumer Reports research and the Echo is fairly fuel efficient. I won't get into the graphs and scales of fuel economy that he had going- he's an engineer after all.. but, we haggled and got the price to right where we thought it should be and now it's ours.

I'm relieved. I'll worry tomorrow about our funds and my grocery challenge which has taken a back seat while we've been so very busy driving around looking at cars.

Happy Hubby took the kids to Lions Choice to celebrate with ten cent kiddie cones.


And now I'm going to celebrate by taking a little nap. We used a free Redbox coupon for Beowulf tonight after the kids go to sleep. I've got to prepare for the cheesy horror. Though I don't doubt that it will be more entertaining than trying to read Beowulf in ancient English like when I was in college.

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