Wednesday, April 2, 2008

First Day out shopping during the Wallet/Grocery Challenge

Little Guy and I stopped by Target today to kill some time before pre-school pick up.
(always a bad idea if you don't have a shopping list).

I had to keep reminding myself that I couldn't buy food. And since I'm on a personal product hiatus I couldn't buy that stuff either. One whole section of the store was off limits to me today. Which was freeing and weird.

I'm pretty sure I spent less. Our 1.00 popcorn/pop combo was a no go today. But, the toddler was pretty disappointed. I reminded him that we have popcorn at home.
Anyway, I got out of the store only spending $27. A lot of that was for small toys- like a new mess free bubble blower that the kids can share.

One side effect of our very restricted grocery budget is the extra dishes that get dirtied. The apples I cooked left a pan and plate dirty although everyone loved them and asked for seconds.
Last night's homemade pig blanket dough dirtied lots of dishes. However, the pigs in a blanket were a hit with everyone. I will use that biscuit recipe (I added some whole wheat flour and wheat germ) again.

On with my day.

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