Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter!

Well, it's snowing here (and flooding) this morning. And our Big Girl is still sick and fevery. As I was getting ready to put her in her fancy Easter dress I realized that she was hot and shivering. Poor thing. No church. No Easter pictures in their fancy clothes today either.

But, the Easter Bunny did make a delivery.

I bought Little Guy a Radio Flyer wagon toy (at Goodwill) before Christmas. I filled it with a like new board book, a new lift the flap Bible, some candy, and a Bob the Builder toy that I found at Goodwill.

Big Girl got a pretty basket (from Goodwill) filled with a new umbrella (that she needed), some socks, some hair bows, a Beatrix Potter Peter Rabbit book (from Goodwill), a new Veggie Tales Story Bible, and some candy.

Both kids got Kinder Surprise Eggs that we bought back from Italy. I think you can get them in the States but Kinder is everywhere in Italy.
I also hid eggs around the house. I added a few kisses and things that I bought on clearance after Christmas. To reduce the amount of candy I've saved my pocket change for the past month to fill their eggs. As we opened up our plastic eggs we sorted the candy into a mug and the change into their piggy banks. It worked well.

Now I have to go work on Tofurky and maybe watch some of Lady and the Tramp movie we borrowed from the library.

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