Monday, February 11, 2008

Hair bows and such part 2

Since buying hair bows on Etsy I've been thinking of frugal ways to acquire more. And I have tried mostly unsuccessfully to make my own bows. One fell apart the first time she wore it and the other is just sorta sad looking. Big Girl wears a hair bow almost everyday since I'm growing her bangs out. And I fall back on our one white bow more often than I want to when I don't have a coordinating color.

This weekend I found two Vidal Sassoon bows in navy blue for $1.00 apiece at Big Lots. That's a good deal when you price them on Etsy and Ebay. And I needed navy blue for the upcoming school uniforms in the fall.

This morning I found these cute hair clips at Dollar General for $1.00 apiece. I think we're all set until my crafty sister-in-law sends the bows I requested for Big Girl's birthday. I love getting useful non-clutter gifts. It's the best thing next to getting homemade (and lovely) crafted items. SIL usually sells her bows for top dollar at craft shows and the second hand boutique she works for.

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Kim said...

Those bows are a good deal, the large ones sell for $10-15 here. I am going to pick up a pink butterfly one for the baby :)