Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Hair Bows and such

Well, I _had_ planned on making my own hair bows for Big Girl since I had acquired a box full of ribbon (.50 garage sale) a few months. There is a distinct lack of neutral colors in her bow collection so I've really been wanting to make some tan, brown, and black bows. But, I've never gotten around to it and quite frankly I'm lazy about crafting. So, today I made my first Etsy purchase from LiliBug Boutique. This is one of the hair bows I ordered.

Isn't it darling? I'll be sad when she outgrows the hair bow age.

I got the idea to hang her hair bow collection on a ribbon belt from Meredith (Like Merchant Ships. I bought this little belt for .40 cents at Goodwill. I think I'm going to have to replace it with a longer one since we're out of room. Or I can just cull the seldom worn ones and send them to a friend with a toddler girl.

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Rockin' Granola said...

a ribbon belt - what a great idea!

and thank you for the etsy site link. I do like making some of Boo's bows, but I'm always tickled pink when I find a great mama-made source for them, too.

Happy Turkey Day Eve! Best Wishes!