Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Celebrating Valentines Day Aldi Style

Valentines day in our house is pretty low key. The first year we tried to go out to dinner on the big night it was impossible to find a restaurant that wasn't packed. We ended up getting pizzas at the worlds nastiest Pizza Hut just because we were so hungry.

At Aldis I bought a 2.99 bouquet of roses, a package of frozen eggplant parmesan, and a package of frozen stuffed shells. We stockpiled sparkling cider after Christmas. I'll add a salad, some garlic bread and maybe a dessert and we're all done.

No sitter. No fancy meal out. No stress.

Target had fancy candy bars in exotic flavors like cardamom and gingerbread for .50 cents after Christmas. That's my Valentines gift to my Sweetie.


Kim said...

The roses are beautiful and don't look like they were $2.99 at all.

Ruthie said...

oh those roses are great! I wish I had thought to stock up on easy to prepare food. I want a special night without much work.