Monday, February 18, 2008

Birthday Excess and a Balancing Act

I haven't quite figured out a nice balancing act between the normal suburban birthday party bash with it's glut of plastic excess and a nice and simple birthday with a homemade cake and a few humble presents.

Again this year we had a big birthday party. The kids received lots of new shiny presents and we gorged on cake and soft drinks. Then we sent everyone off to the pool to play. It worked well.

But, today is a large contrast to yesterday. Today is Big Girl's actual birthday and she's getting one new toy and two Goodwill toys for a total of $16. Instead of a new cake we're going to have leftover party cake. Our party tonight consists of a visit from the our Parents as Teachers lady. For dinner we're having curly pasta with red sauce because that's what the birthday girl requested. It's very low key but somehow more satisfying than yesterday's birthday carnage.
Don't get me wrong. I am ever thankful that we can both afford to have a nice birthday party and that we have friends who willingly give of their time and money to celebrate with us. But, I'm just wondering where the happy medium is.


Nicole said...

Hi, I am in the process of putting the finishing touches on my sons 3rd party. I am going to post on it next week. It is a low key affair with three friends. I am making homemade pizza and garlic fingers as well as the horse cake. (it is a western theme) It is crazy what some parents do for the parties and I don't even try to keep up. The more homemeade the better for us. We also gave him a present that he did not open on Christmas. He got bored of opening them all so I stuck it away.

Kim said...

Presents and gifts have become an issue her. With the shower then Christmas then her birthday it was just too much. Next year I am doing a small family party, it will so much easier.