Saturday, December 1, 2007

Not under the tree this Christmas

This Fiji Margaritaville Frozen Concoction Maker is only 379.99 at Linens & Things. When I asked Hubby if he'd buy it for me he laughed. Darn.

Barbie's Fashion Fever Boutique (with the credit card that never runs out of money!) will also not be under our tree. But, it is only 29.99 at

Unfortunately, Little Guy will have to live without this ride on zebra toy this Christmas too. I actually think it's kinda cute but with our handful of ride on toys (curb side recycled or hand me down) we can live without it- especially since it's 49.99 at

Hubby will just have to live with out this $700 professional hockey table from It's too bad too because it might have been a nice place to put my Margarita concoction maker.


Tread Softly said...

Maybe you could buy hubby the margaritaville frozen concoction whatsit?

And the zebra toy? I would so want that in grown-up size.

Ruthie said...

lol you guys are so deprived! you just need Barbie's credit card. :)