Monday, December 10, 2007

Burnt Cookies, A Messy House and a Cheerful Heart

I started making cookies yesterday for gift tins. The sugar cookies I made last night turned out ok and taste pretty good.

But, the chocolate m&m cookies are burnt and not that appetizing.

The house is a mess from the weekend of living (playing & eating). The Christmas tree is hijacked daily. There are ornaments scattered across the house by mischievous little fairies. Here is a picture of the toilet paper that Big Girl used as decorative trim for our much abused tree. I should take it down but I'm - A. apathetic B. Highly amused C. afraid of the hurt feelings and tears that might ensue from it's removal.
I'll take it down before my In-Laws come later in the week.

So, rather than throw up my hands and give it up as a lost cause I'm telling myself that it will be ok if the neighbors get tins of starlight mints and a nice Christmas card. The in-laws won't care how my house looks-they just want to see us. (although everyone with a mother-in-law knows better... you need a clean house). No one ever died from having a downright tacky Christmas tree... and the photo is blackmail for when Big Girl is older.
All of the presents are bought (and sent off too). Most are wrapped. Santa will still come on Christmas morning even if the cookies are burnt and there are toys and mislaid socks across the house. The Christmas letter might only be three quick paragraphs with a semi-bad photo hastily tossed into the envelope.
My blessings are abundant... My blessings are abundant... My blessings are abundant.

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Holly said...

Yes-it sounds like your blessing are abundant! I love when someone admits their life isn't perfect-I don't feel so alone.