Sunday, November 25, 2007

Second Hand Christmas Victory

When I was growing up my Mom frequently bought us toys from garage sales (getting a new toy was a big deal). But, we never got used toys for birthdays or Christmas. It just wasn't done.

So, when I sheepishly told my Mom that Big Girls biggest present from us was from a garage sale she naturally was a little surprised. But, I've got her on board I think.

When I asked her to re-do my large handmade wooden doll house that my uncle made for me when I was seven, she jumped in. She thought it was wrong to just give my daughter (her only Grandaughter) a used toy for Christmas but I kept at her.

So, after all is said and done the doll house is ready for Christmas with:
a new heavy plywood bottom (the old one was chipped)
new carpet remnants
a new paint job (she used paint from her recent bathroom remodel- Go Mom!)
new curtains (I gave her a wide length of lacy ribbon from a garage sale box)
and new contact paper for wall papering.

And after all that work Mom agrees that it will indeed be a fine present on it's own. Even thought it's used. Even though it originally came from my uncle 28 years ago.
And I know how much my daughter is going to love it. After all, it was my best toy that I played with daily for at least four years straight.

After all of that my Mom even checked out the Goodwill for a few presents for my son and bought him a new Blues Clues (he loves Blue right now) book.

My intentions were never to have a fully second hand Christmas but to relieve some of the pressure.


jonceramic said...

Of course, you also forgot to mention the myriad of 2nd hand stuffed animals from your Mom that are Loo's dolls (including the Little Elmo on the main page), and the wonderful set of beds, pillows, and blankies that your Mom made Loo for her last year for all the animals to sleep in. Before that, it was shoe boxes and dish rags. :)

Boltbabe said...

I think this is a fabulous idea! Well, I should since I did the same thing for my oldest dd some 7 years years ago. Now, I am getting ready to re-do it again for my youngest dd for her 4th Bday in January!
I can't wait to hear her reaction! P.S. As long as a toy is in good condition, I don't see any reason why it can't be gifted. Who says cool toys have to come in a brand new package?